Lamb kofte kebabs & cucumber yoghurt

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Lamb kofte kebabs with fresh herb and
cucumber yoghurt

Serves 4

1. Place all the lamb kofte kebab
ingredients into a bowl and roughly
mix together. To achieve best
results and avoid overfilling, put half
the mixture in the Braun Multiquick
7’s Cordless large chopper
accessory to chop until it forms a
fine mince. Transfer to a bowl and
repeat with the second half of the
2. Place the resulting mince in a
bowl, cover and refrigerate for 20
minutes to allow the flavours to
3. With wet hands, divide the
seasoned mince into 8 equal
portions and mould each one
around a wooden skewer into a
long sausage shape.
4. Heat a griddle or grill to its
highest setting. Place the koftes
on the griddle or grill and cook
for 2-3 minutes on each side or
until golden brown and cooked
5. While the koftas are cooking, place all the ingredients for
the herb and cucumber yoghurt into the large chopper
accessory of the Braun Multiquick 7’s Cordless hand
blender and blend. Serve the fresh herb and cucumber
yogurt with the cooked koftas and a wedge of lime.